Funeral Costs

In Sydney, funerals can cost from around $4000 for a basic burial or cremation, to around $14,000 for an elaborate casket, burial and flowers. Our funeral directors will discuss all costs at the initial meeting with you and provide you with a written quote, so you know what to expect and can arrange a funeral that fits within your budget.

Some costs of planning a funeral will be fixed, while others will vary depending on the size and type of funeral you choose to hold. Typical costs for planning a funeral include:

  • funeral director fees for their professional services in planning the funeral
  • press notices or advertising to announce the funeral service
  • the cost of the death certificate and registration of death, in addition to any permits required
  • a transfer fee to transport the deceased from the place of death to a funeral home
  • a hearse to transport the body from the funeral home or church to the burial site
  • a coffin or casket with your choice of timber, interior and exterior furnishings
  • the cost of preparing the body for viewing, burial or cremation
  • cemetery and crematorium fees, including the purchase of a gravesite, lawn plot, niche or other burial site
  • an urn for cremated remains
  • floral tributes for the church, gravesite and condolence lounge
  • clergy, celebrant and church fees or donations
  • order of service booklets and memorial booklets for guests to sign
  • overtime fees if a service is conducted after hours
  • transportation for guests to the funeral service, cemetery or reception
  • catering for the wake or reception following the service.

Most funeral directors will require a deposit prior to the funeral service, with final payment due within a specified period. Other costs may be payable on the day or the day before the funeral. Our team can help you understand the costs involved in planning a funeral and support you with payment options, such as funeral loans or a funeral saver account.

You may wish to arrange a prepaid funeral for yourself, to give your family peace of mind that it’s arranged to your wishes and paid in full at today’s prices.

To get a quick quote for a funeral service, contact us or call 1300 550 367.


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