shutterstock_149468669 Burial services can be held at a cemetery, either following a church ceremony or as the location for a chapel or graveside memorial. The type of burial service you choose will depend on a number of factors, including religious or cultural beliefs, family traditions, location and budget.

You can choose a traditional burial, or arrange an above-ground burial in a crypt, vault or mausoleum. Eco-burial options and modern alternatives are also available, including burial services at a niche wall or garden following a cremation. Many cemeteries have designated areas for different religious and cultural groups, with special areas for children. Our team can help you understand the different options available and choose a cemetery that will meet your needs.

When planning a burial service, you may like to personalise the event with music, speeches or other tributes to remember your family or friend. Many people choose to hold a reception following the service, either at a condolence lounge located on the cemetery grounds, or another location. We recommend that you visit the cemetery in advance, so you can see where the burial service will be held and see what other services are offered, such as chapels and condolence lounges.

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