iStock_000024223642_XXXLargeCremation is an affordable and environmentally sustainable option that is supported by most religious and cultural beliefs. It is ideal for families who live long distances apart, or people who choose to have their remains interred in a garden or family gravesite.

You can choose a Sydney cemetery to perform the cremation and hold a service in the on-site chapel with family and friends. There are a range of chapels to choose from, from the more traditional to the modern Mary, Mother of Mercy Chapel at Rookwood Cemetery. Some cemeteries also have condolence lounges where you can host a function after the cremation service has concluded.

Our funeral directors can help you choose a crematorium that meets your needs and arrange a cremation service that respects the wishes of your family member or friend. We can also arrange a plaque and inscription to be placed with the remains in a niche wall or garden. If you are thinking about purchasing a cremation service in advance, consider our prepaid funeral plans.

To plan a cremation service in Sydney, contact us or call 1300 550 367.