Memorial Services

MemorialisationMemorial services offer a way to remember someone through a permanent tribute such as a headstone, niche or plaque. They provide family and friends with a place to honour the life of the person who has died and can be an important part of the grieving process.

Cremations offer a number of options for memorial plaques, such as placement in a grave, niche wall or garden. Once you have chosen a Sydney cemetery, the team will help you choose a headstone or plaque and arrange a memorial service to commemorate your family member or friend.

Memorialisation2Although memorial services don’t usually require a funeral director, they still provide an opportunity for people to come together and grieve. You may choose to hold a simple gathering to lay flowers and quietly reflect on their life, or arrange a formal ceremony with a religious minister or clergy. Online memorial sites such as Heaven Address are becoming a popular way for family and friends to remember someone who has died, with the ability to share poems, photos, memories and other tributes online.

To plan a memorial service in Sydney, contact us or call 1300 550 367.