FAQs Coping with Grief

Why have these three organisations partnered with Funeral Alliance Solutions?

SIDS and Kids, The Salvation Army Counselling Service and Sesame Street have come together with Funeral Alliance Solutions to support families of all ages, cultures and religions. These reputable partners provide professional support services from counselling to providing resources and supporting families with the emotional journey of bereavement when a loved one passes away.

  • SIDS and Kids will support families that have lost an infant
  • The Salvation Army Counselling Service is available to support families who have lost loved ones of all ages
  • Sesame Street provides an important education program for children using their characters, dealing with topics such as bereavement. Sesame Street also provides resources for the parents of these children to assist them with how to communicate the loss of a loved one to their infants.

What do SIDs and Kids offer families?

SIDS and Kids bereavement support services assist families who have experienced the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child, during birth, pregnancy or infancy, regardless of the cause.

Our support services are extensive and include counselling, parent and family support, peer support, sibling support, grandparent support groups, group activities, annual memorial services, telephone counselling and a national 24 hour freecall 1300 support line.

Services are available to families and their support network free of charge.

What support does the Salvation Army Counselling Service provide to families?

The Salvation Army Counselling Service provides counselling services to all families that would like someone to turn to. The Salvation Army Counselling Service encourages individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one to express what they are thinking and feeling and having this support service allows families and individuals this opportunity.

What role does Sesame Street play in the Funeral Alliance Solutions?

Sesame Street have developed a program called ‘When Families Grieve’ which leverages the power of Elmo and the Sesame Street characters to provide resources in support of families and young children coping with the death of a parent. These resources are available to families by choosing one of the Funeral Alliance Solutions funeral directors who can provide this free resource to the family.

How will the loss of a loved one affect me?

The death of a loved one can turn your world upside down. The tiniest of things can seem so difficult to do and life itself can simply feel ‘too much’. Everyone is different in what they feel and how they deal with the situation and there is no right way to respond. Feelings you may experience are shock, intense sadness, anger, confusion, fear, loneliness, guilt, worry, relief, depression or anxiety. These feelings are normal after the loss of someone close.

How long will it last?

Grieving is an individual process and it is impossible to say how long it ‘should’ take. Losing a loved one changes us and it takes time for us to adjust to the change. As time passes, healing does occur, the intense pain and sadness will subside and life will continue albeit in a different way. There will be good days and bad days and over time you will find the good days will become more common.

What can I do to help the situation?

There is no right formula for changing our emotions when we lose someone close, however there are some things that people do to ease their pain and assist them in coming to terms with the loss.

  • Accept your feelings and allow yourself to cry
  • Express what you are thinking and feeling to someone you trust or keep your own diary
  • Create a special memory box where you can keep the things that remind you of the loved one
  • Go for walks to take time out
  • Acknowledge special occasions and anniversaries in a way that is special to you
  • Speak to a professional counsellor from SIDS or the Salvation Army Counselling Service and talk to them about what you are feeling

For more information please contact us – phone: 1300 550 367 or via our online enquiry form